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Time Number
12:15 Рено АО7813-7 прицеп А2330Е-7
12:15 Вольво 978 АС 04 прицеп 15 ABS 04
12:15 ДАФ АН 3000-3 прицеп А 6493 В-3
Notification at the customs warehouse

Time Number
12:15 06651/42004552
12:15 06611/42004919
12:15 06611/42004917

Your wishes

You can leave the wishes on improvement of operation of the customs terminal.


Company Founders

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JV “Dominik” Ltd is an expert in the field of customs logistics, has been operating in the logistics market of the Republic of Belarus since 1991. Over 90 employees work for you comfort! The terminal is located in the immediate vicinity of the Minsk Beltway, within the city limits and has optimal conditions for registration of imports and exports, which is an indisputable advantage.

47 % of shares belong to our German founder:

The German Otto Alte-Teigeler GmbH Company has been working on the market since 1977. It is one of the greatest construction enterprises in Germany. It specializes in pavement and landing strips manufacture and maintenance. There are branches of the company in many European countries.

53 % of shares belong to the Belarusian founders.