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Company mission
ATTENTION! We draw the attention of clients to the change from May 10, 2024 to the price list for services provided by JV "DOMINIK" LLC

The quality of warehouse service and the working experience of many years prove our Partners and Clients expectations

  • modern inventory, handle and classification systems;
  • alcoholic and tobacco goods storage;
  • goods loading and unloading, including bulky large-tonnage cargoes;
  • sorting and orders segregation on the Customers behalf;
  • stocktaking, sampling, goods and vehicles weighting;
  • goods packing, crating and labeling.

Pharmaceutical logistics – our specialization. Customs warehouses meet the requirements of the Health Ministry of the Republic of Belarus

  • team of specialists skilled in issues to the pharmaceutical import and storage;
  • temperature-controlled storage regimes, including refrigeration;
  • specialized warehousing and inventory management;
  • industry specific product sorting, repacking and segregation.
Customs warehouse
Customs warehouse