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Time Number
12:05 Рено АО7813-7 прицеп А2330Е-7
12:05 МАН АА 5750-5 прицеп SI 048
12:05 ФОРД К325OB67 прицеп 5 AJ 8976
Notification at the customs warehouse

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12:05 06611/32015097
12:05 06611/32015104
12:05 14320/32007071

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1991 Company foundation
1992 Dominik enters the international carrier market
1994 Land acquiring to build the customs center by Minsk Ring Road
1997 First customs warehouse launch
1999 Opening of Minsk region customs department “Kuntsevschina”
2001 Start of customs carrier business
2002 Customs processing zone expansion
2004 New warehousing center launch
2005 New warehousing center launch
2006 Application of Enterprise resource planning system (1С)
2007 Territory expansion
2011 The company is accredited in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Code of the Customs Union
2012 The company provides a comprehensive 3PL logistics outsourcing level
2013 Territory expansion
2015 Acquisition and reconstruction of "Askargoterminal"LLC in accordance with the concept of the company's development
2019 Inclusion in the AEO register with the issuance of a third type certificate No. BY/0127/TYPE3
2020 Recognition of JV Dominic LLC as a guarantor before the customs authorities
2021 Obtaining the Conclusion of the Ministry of Health on compliance with the Rules of Good Distribution Practice within the EAEU No. 000020/GDP/2021
2023 Commissioning of a new warehouse
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